Insurance Agent Dress Code For US Agents In 2022

Last Updated: February 3, 2022

One might often wonder about the insurance agent dress code once you become insurance agent. Here, those aspiring to become an insurance agent needs to know all about the appropriate clothing that is professional and looks decent. Appropriate and tasteful dressing can make a good first impression in the workplace and helps to create a positive brand image. Therefore, many organizations even have handbook for guiding employees on appropriate dressing. Let’s discuss more about the dress code for an insurance agent. 

First of all, an insurance agent needs to have a pleasing and a professional dress up. There are several types of corporate dress codes depending on your company. For example, business formal, business professional, business casual, and casual to mention the main types. Overall, the main motive of appropriate dressing is to maintain a positive appearance and win the trust of the customers and other stakeholders. The dressing and confidence can help you close a deal or even get more insurance leads. 

Insurance Agent Dress Code for Men: 

You will always find an agent in a tailored suit which is not in a flashy patterns or bright color. 

Likewise, well-ironed shirts with collar in neutral colors and cotton pants. 

Shoes should be closed-toe and well-polished. Here, the identity of what is insurance broker, also lies in a professional appearance. 

Also, hair needs to be well-groomed. Short hair with finished look using hair oils is more acceptable.

insurance agent dress code

Dress Code for Women: 

Here, tailored pant suit or skirt suit which is not in a flashy patterns or bright color is suitable. 

Collared or formal shirts in neutral colors. 

Likewise, closed toe heels in a neutral color is a good option. Open toe shoes are also acceptable. However, avoid flip-flops or sneakers. You can find insurance agent dressing ideas on Pinterest.

Similarly, having a decent hair color rather than rainbow colored hair is acceptable and preferable. 

Furthermore, well-groomed nails with either clear coat or neutral colors is suitable. 

In conclusion, insurance agent needs to dress up in such a professional and attractive way that creates a positive brand image of the company, build trust and impress the customers. We can help you learn the essentials and secrets on how to start an insurance agency. 

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become insurance agent
become insurance agent

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